Listed below are features of our custom-made portable bridges, that are made to suit your needs. Contact us today for pricing information! Portable Bridge Assembly Picture Portable Bridge Picture Portable Bridge Picture


  • Various lengths available - from 30' to 50' in 14' width
  • An 8" x 8" cross-tie structural deck system and 3" x 8" running planks for weight distribution. The bridge is designed for licensed truck loads of up to 75 tonnes and meets the strength requirements of the Ontario Highway Bridge Design Code
  • Two bulkhead units to support road fill
  • Built for repeated use in different locations. "I" beams are permanently connected with heavy-duty bracing to withstand repeated handling
  • Tapered beam ends and low ends facilitate loading, installation and removal
  • Five-piece modular design allows for easy transport with a normal float truck, no MTO permit required
  • An estimated installation time of five hours, with two workers and a backhoe unit
  • Minimizes stream bed and earth disturbance, can be installed without digging in the water or otherwise affecting the environment
  • Eliminate costly temporary culverts and associated backfills
  • Stands up to cold weather with minimal expansion
  • Portable bridge can last up to an estimated 50 years under normal use due to sturdy construction and ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate-treated wood